First Step

1995 was the year when our partner started joined the world of practical accountancy in one of the big four accounting firms. He worked in almost all fields of accounting and finance such as Audit, Books, Internal Audit etc. While working in big four he earned several awards and reached the position of Manager.

Dream Came True

In 2000 the dream of working like a lone wolf came true and our first office  in www.381accountants.com was finally established in London Barking. The root reason behind the formation of own firm was to serve society and businesses in our own specialized way and give clients customized services according to their needs.

Conquered Ireland

Our tenth anniversary was enriched with happiness and celebrations of our first step in international market. We landed in Dublin Ireland. www.381accountants.ie was not a newbie but had 20 years of experience with it. Our clientele shifted to fast-track and many new business started doing business with us, trusting our repute back in London United kingdom. Dublin office is now working great under supervision of Head-office i.e London.

Landing in Dubai

Foreseeing the needs of businesses due to VAT in Dubai we started figuring out the ways to help business coping up VAT. The transformation of non-taxable economy of UAE to taxable economy gave a shock to business community. But very few took it as a positive because this tax will take volatile economy of Dubai to sustainable and mature age. Now we are working with many firms helping them with bookkeeping and VAT Preparations.